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Now or Never Founders

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Iain Montgomery

Iain previously ran Market Gravity in Canada and has helped big companies across Canada, the US, UK and a few other places along the way to better understand their customers, markets and create bold new ideas to get into market.

He’s helped lotteries across Canada become more relevant to millennials, designed digital banks, launched an instant coffee brand, had a hand in Air Canada’s new loyalty program and designed a retirement platform back in the day too. Iain’s not afraid to speak his mind and try something different in pursuit of the audacious idea.

Alex Nuth

Alex started her career in management consulting and was as much traditional corporate strategy (think M&A, restructurings and op models) as she was in the innovation space - with projects ranging from setting up innovation teams at financial institutions to 3d printing PoCs in the energy industry.


She moved to ATB (a top 10 Canadian FI) where she led innovation teams, then was asked to head corporate strategy for the bank to then eventually launching a challenger bank from scratch (www.hibrightside.ca).  She has the thinking of a consultant and the scars of a corporate executive. She loves the crazy ideas but can back it up with the rigor needed to get board, executive and workforce buy-in.   


Fee for service work for clients who need help determining what to do

We have worked with many big organizations, both from the inside and outside, to help set strategy as it relates to new markets, products and technologies.  ​

Innovation Strategy  Customer Insight     Market Foresight    Market Scans New Product Development  Branding   Digital Strategy    Growth Hacking

Creative Initiatives  New Ventures

Modular Projects

Fee for service work for clients who want access to skills they don't currently have 

We have a number of partnerships with specialist agencies in everything from branding to design to web development. 

We work to scope out and coordinate the day-to-day activities of these specialized firms so that as a collective they can deliver bigger projects and programs.  You sign one contract and get access to the best set of skills in the industry.  Think of it as on-demand, assembled consulting projects - only with experts not generalists fresh off the bench.


A shared risk / reward model for clients who want to build and "co-found" bold ventures 


We will build ventures alongside clients.  This allows the best of both worlds, the speed and autonomy of a venture team with the alignment and shared learning of a built for fee project.  This reduces the overall cost of a risky project while aligning incentives between the funding and building teams.


It's also a hell of a lot cheaper than acquiring a startup at Series C and then having to deal with the exodus of talent and the cost of integrating it. Just sayin'.

We also have a number of ventures we have built that are available for "buy-out" by clients. Drop us a line and we'd be happy to tell you all about them.