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We explore, inspire, design and experiement with you.

"We needed to think about something in a very different way. Now or Never got out there in the real world, had conversations with customers & other experts, developed lots of ideas and now we're in the process of making them a reality. It's been a great partnership so far!" - one very nice client

If you designed your business today from scratch, it would look nothing like the business that actually exists right now. Big companies are designed to maximise profit and minimise risk, protecting the spoils of previous success.


This is the opposite of what is required to do something new. Doing new things is inherently risky, and likely won't make an immediate impact on the Q3 returns. New things will fail a lot, and that's ok. Out of the hordes of a thousand and more disruptive startups, just one needs to get lucky, once. Therefore, you must be willing to fail and try again, much more than once.


And that's ok too, we've learned a lot from failure, and we'll apply those lessons to your challenge. We believe it really is possible for big companies to innovate, they have to, and when they get it right they have far greater resources than their disruptors.


But they can't keep trying the same old methods. 

Innovation isn't a linear process or a static methodology. It won't come from designing for the average. It isn't always logical, in fact, it's often sparked by the things that initially seem rather trivial.


Working with us will make you uncomfortable, but we promise it'll be interesting, fun and rewarding too!


Inspiration: for a different perspective and fresh ideas

We show you a different side of the world. Our initial projects with clients often involve getting under the skin of their changing customers through in-person ethnographic research to better understand what they really need. In other instances we might take you on a 'field trip' to meet pioneering leaders in adjacent industries or other parts of the world.

As an output of these projects you'll likely have a big idea for what comes next in your industry or organisation. Think of it as your own private white paper ... that your boss will actually want to read! 

Concept Design & Validation: for exploring a new idea further

Sometimes clients come to us with an existing idea, from a few words on a post-it note to something more detailed but in need of an external group to stretch and test the thinking. 


We have a variety of techniques for creating, improving and validating new product or venture concepts. Together we'll gain clarity around the critical features, identify the big and risky assumptions, create prototypes of varying levels of fidelity and build confidence in what comes along next.  


Sourcing: to assemble and build the business of tomorrow

With a great idea comes a need to go make it real. Over the years we've developed a network of strategy, design, innovation and technology pioneers that can always be tapped to help get things into the hands of real people. 

Alternatively, we may work across our network to help you find the people and partnerships with existing businesses or startups that complement your the concept, and find faster ways to market together.

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