Wait, we barely know each other ... and what's this gonna cost me?

Client: “How much will this cost me?”


Big consultant: *sucks through teeth, taking a deep breath* “Well that depends …” *while not giving any actual details*


The best way to figure out if this is gonna be a good match is doing something small together. Our get to know you projects tend to be pretty short, something where we can add value, show you how good we are and make it worth our while for a little bit of cash.


For us, this normally costs around $20-40k for a small but meaty project. And because we’re hungry, you get the best bang for your buck, we tend to under promise and over deliver.

A few previous examples:


  • A ‘virtual’ field trip to meet 15 pioneering innovators tacking similar problems in other countries, recorded and edited as private podcasts for a wider internal audience

  • Talking with 20 customers in their homes about lottery and gaming, spending time on kiosks in malls and identifying areas of opportunity for a new innovation function to explore.

  • Designing a new talent program to attract much needed fresh talent to the construction industry

  • Creating 5 disruptive new concepts for a farming co-operative to go test with their membership base

  • Prototyping the vision for an entirely digital clinical drug trials proposition

  • Building a prototype of an idea for a travel company and getting it into the hands of customers for feedback and iteration