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Wait, we barely know each other ... and what's this gonna cost me?

The best way to figure out if this is gonna be a good match is to actually do a little work together. Our 'get to know you' projects are fast and impactful, we add immediate value, you see how we think and are affordable for most budgets. 


You can expect us to come back an initial brief with something in the range of ~$50k. You'll see we're a hungry group of people passionate about what we do, and that means you'll get the best bang for your buck. 

A few previous examples:


  • Taking a pension fund innovation team on ‘virtual’ field trip to meet 15 pioneering innovators tacking similar problems in other countries, recording and edited the conversations as private podcasts for a wider internal audience

  • Imagining the train station of the future through ethnography with transit riders, operators and third parties who rely on station infrastructure

  • Designing new point of sale terminals for a global lottery & gaming vendor

  • Building a pipeline of exciting new whisky products to set the bar for the future of Canadian whisky

  • Instilling a culture of customer centricity for one of Canada's major public utilities

  • Spending time in the homes of Canadians to talk about lottery and gaming, working on kiosks in malls and identifying areas of opportunity for a new innovation function to explore.

  • Helping data teams at a global mining company create better digital tools for on-site teams

  • Designing a new talent program to attract much needed fresh talent to the construction industry

  • Creating 5 disruptive new concepts for a farming co-operative to go test with their membership base

  • Prototyping the vision for an entirely digital clinical drug trials proposition

Book a meeting or drop us a line about the challenge you're facing, and we can put something together. 


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